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Weaning Breastfeeding

Language Development Of Children

Weaning is a process when a baby stops breastfeeding by mother and takes nutrition from other food sources. Breastfeeding is considered to be the best source of nutrition and development of babies.

W hen babies are six months old, they experience many developmental changes, both physically and mentally. Continued breastfeeding past the six-month point can be a great way to make sure that they are getting the nutrients necessary to support the growth momentum. According to World Health Organisation babies should be exclusively breastfed for at least six months and then continue breastfeeding with complementary foods until two years, which is the average age for the maturation of immune system.

The age of weaning is not the same for every baby and there is no strict time frame for how long mothers should breastfeed. Generally, when a baby reaches the age of six months, they show increasing need for nutrients and energy and breast milk alone may not be enough at this stage. Infant’s diet needs to shift from mostly breast milk or formula to other foods and liquids. Mothers may decide to support their babies by intertwining solid foods into their babies’ diet.

T he decision to wean a baby is always a personal one, and it happens gradually depending upon convenience of mother and baby. Some mothers may need to stop breastfeeding early because of health or work related issues. In that case mothers have to initiate the weaning process and it might not be as simple. It might disconnect mothers from the baby and become a source of conflict with her little one. This is a sensitive issue and hence mothers need to be very thoughtful. It may be worthwhile to remain connected with the baby by changing the frequency of feeding or using a breast pump to express breast milk for feeding the baby subsequently.

Tips to wean the baby gradually.

At the point when a mother and a baby mutually decide that the period of breastfeeding is over, there are some great tips to begin the process of weaning the baby.
1The best way to gradually wean
Is for a mother to simply drop one feeding or one pumping a week.
2Offer more milk
At meal time and shorten the time at the breast. Continuing this for 7-10 days allows the baby to get used to the change without experiencing the anxiety of losing the breast as synonymous with losing the mother.
Also shows that by changing breastfeeding positions or switching to a breast pump during weaning can be a useful tool for mother and baby.